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If you ever wanted to try and surf then Waikiki is the place for you. It would be impossible to design a better place for a first timer to catch a wave, stand up, and ride it for a while. Those unfamiliar with surfing are also unfamiliar with the fact that catching a wave is the culmination of many factors that often times take many months of practice. Paddling out to the line-up can be grueling and difficult at many locations. Judging were and when the waves will come, and being in that perfect spot is a tricky learning curve. And coping with other surfers can be intimidating.

Waikiki is notorious as the birthplace of surfing (true or not). And it is easy to see why. When the conditions are right, it is almost impossible not to catch a wave and glide with it for quite a distance – even it it is your very first wave. There are Beach Boys galore for hire. And they will take you or your kids out to the break and make sure if there are waves to catch, you will catch some. But that is only part of the beauty of surfing. Being out that far from shore, in the shadow of the iconic Diamond Head crater, looking at the coral reefs through the warm clear water, and feeling the trade winds in your face, you will understand why so many have made surfing a big part of their life.

If you are not a good swimmer, and the waves are a bit intimating – then you will have to jump on one of the many outriggers you will see surfing side by side with all the surfers. You will get the same feeling and thrill as you paddle out, wait for the right wave, then paddle to catch it. You will feel your speed pick up as the wave grabs you and you pull your paddle out of the water. And then you too are surfing, moving with only the energy the wind a thousand miles away loaned to that wave, until it dissipates it on the beach. But not before it has shared some of it with you.

This ritual has remained the same for over a hundred years. The waves haven’t changed a bit. The only thing that has changed is the equipment used to ride them. Seriously consider riding a wave if you have never done so. These are as gentle as you will ever find. You won’t be sorry you tried.


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