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If you were designing a place to create amazing waterfalls, you would start with providing one of the wettest places on Earth. Then throw in an abundance of high sheer cliffs. And for accent, how about some amazing colors along with lush greenery? What I have just described is the Island of Kauai.

Kauai is the smallest and oldest of the four “main” Hawaiian islands. And it is made to seem even smaller because only about half the island is accessible by car. The other half is incredibly beautiful but destined to remain off limits to all but hikers, fliers, and boaters. But the effort is worthwhile as the scenery and panoramas you see it this untouched paradise will  rival any vistas on the planet.

Back in civilization, Kauai can be driven from the North to the South easily in a day. And the beaches and activities that are available will not dissapoint. And if you consider relaxing as a priority on your vacation, that is easily accomplished on Kauai, where no building is taller than a coco palm, and driving over 50 mph is a rarity.