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  For such a small island, Kauai beaches are some of the most incredible beaches you will ever lay eyes on or sink your toes into. They have been the backdrop of many famous movies, graced countless post cards, and will never leave the memory of those who have visited them. They have it all – the sunsets, the sand, the crystal clear water, coral reefs, surf, and majestic mountains with waterfalls to frame it all in. And while a few may occasionally have a crowd by Kauai standards, most will offer a degree of solitude – and if you are willing to hike, or boat, you may find yourself completely alone.
Ke'e Beach

Another awesome sunset at Ke’e Beach – North Shore

Ranking so many awesome beaches is difficult, and that is why there are so many that have scored a perfect ten. Some are so perfect you would be hard pressed to imagine anything finer. The photos say it all until you can actually experience them.