Anini Beach Park

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Anini beach rates a mention in the Top Ten since it is the most protected beach on the often times high surf zone on the north shore of Kauai. This is not an issue in the usually calm summer months when all the beaches on this side of Kauai are calm – sometimes like a bay. But if you need to find a calmer area when it is less than tranquil, you may want to research the conditions here. Anini beach is protected by the largest barrier reef in Hawaii, and even when there is surf, the near shore area here can remain calm. But as always, looks can be deceiving, and currents are not always apparent – so always use ¬†caution when the ocean is active. There is no lifeguard on duty. The setup being what it is lends itself perfectly to many of the water activities that don’t require waves¬†– windsurfing, snorkeling, standup paddling, fishing, etc. The beach may not be as wide and majestic as some others on Kauai, but it is nonetheless a great beach with restrooms, showers, pavillions, picnic areas, and campsites. The beach is pleasantly nestled among trees that are close enough to the water to offer some needed shade for many. It is said that the beach used to be called Wanini – but when the “W” fell off it was easier to change the name of the bach than repair the sign. So goes life on the sleepy laid back island of Kauai.
Anini Beach
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