Lumahai Beach

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Lumahai Beach is known as the beach that hosted the scene and song, “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” from the musical South Pacific. It is a picture perfect beach, but the ocean here has a dangerous reputation. Even in the calmer days of summer the currents can be tricky and deceiving – so exercise extreme caution if going in the water. Locals will tell you that more drownings occur here than any other beach. There is a rock outcropping that separates East and West Lumahai – however, technically there is no East Lumahai. The proper name is Kahalahala, and West Lumahai is Lumahai proper. This sometimes causes confusion, as it was really Kahalahala where the musical did the filming.. During periods of high surf the waves will hit, wash over the rock out cropping, and recede in spectacular fashion in a waterfall effect. Always exercise caution when walking on near shore rocks during higher surf. Rogue waves, that all of a sudden wash higher than all the rest, are not that uncommon. They can easily wash the unsuspecting into the pounding surf. Lumahai Stream enters the ocean in the West end of the beach and is sometimes cutoff from the ocean during the summer months. This can provide a place to take a dip, cool off, while staying away from the ocean currents. It is a popular place for the keiki (children) to play. There is also some parking here, and when the waves are larger it provides a place for watch the spectacular show as the waves bounce and spray off the rocks and cliffs near the stream entrance. If you are just interested in the beauty of a famous scenic backdrop, and want a spot to relax near the water, bring your camera and check out the picturesque setting at Lumahai Beach. If you want to spend a day in and out of the water, look elsewhere unless it is ultra-calm, or you are an experienced ocean swimmer.
Lumahai Beach
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