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All of the nicestĀ “Big Island” beachesĀ are on the west coast, or Kona side. The No. Kohala coast (or Gold Coast) has the longest most pristine beaches, and the weather there is some of the sunniest in all of Hawai’i. There is good reason that the island’s resorts are located there. And four of the top six beaches are located here. In the Kona district there are a few very nice beaches, but they are smaller, and may require more effort to get to. But if you are the type that longs for the deserted tropical beach, you can find it here. But beaches are only a small part of the coastline. There are many nice coastal trails along rugged and beautiful sections of coastline – with arches, blow holes, and hidden fresh water pools. There are tide pools and some hot springs on the Puna side, and some very nice snorkel spots, and a short hike or kayak can get you there. And there are the black sand beaches, and even a green one. And we have included two of these in the Top Ten – even thought they are more of a sightseeing adventure than for a traditional day at the beach.