Maka2   This may be the prettiest beach on the island. The sand has a texture that can challenge any beach sand in the world. If you are approaching the Kona Airport from the north as you land, and you are on the left side of the plane, you will get a good view of this beach as you pass by. Look for the three sandy coves and you will see the trail from the south you will be taking to get here. You should be forewarned that this secluded beach is so nice that you will assuredly be late for any commitments you may have later in the day. You should also be careful that you have protection from the sun, because you will be lured into staying longer than you should, and there is no shade. There is a north and south approach to Makalawena. But unless you have a capable and well-used off-road vehicle, the south approach would be your best bet. It is an easy flat 30 min walk after a short drive off the main highway. You will be driving to Kekaha Kai Beach, and from there walk North to an historic house (more below), and a nice spot to stop for a short picnic before proceeding on to Makalawena. Between mile markers 90 and 91 on Hwy 19, You will see a sign for Kekaha Kai Sate Park. This is an unpaved road, but usually in good enough shape for most any car. As you first arrive you will see cars parked on the left with a trail proceeding north. Check the map below.
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