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There is a lot to see on the Big Island, and it is spread out from the Northern Tip to the Southern Tip (93 miles), from the East Side to the West Side (76 miles), and from the 266 miles of its coastline to the summits of the volcanoes. You will never have enough time to see it all, and even trying to see just the Top Ten in a week will be difficult. So plan well, but don’t forget to relax and enjoy the simple tropical sights of the wind in the coco palms, and the sun on the waves and water. It will take you a full day to drive around the island while making only a few stops. So don’t think you can wake in Kona, visit the volcano, see the Hamakua Waterfalls, then take a look at Waipio Valley, catch sunset from the top of Mauna Kea, and make your dinner reservation. Everything takes longer in Hawaii, so be realistic with your time. And it always pays to keep an eye on the weather. The North and South Points can be very windy. The summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa can also get extremely windy – as well as so cold to warrant winter warnings. The East coast can get very wet, with constant rain – while the West coast is bone dry and you start your drive over from Kona. So the waterfalls, the Volcano, and Waipio Valley can be affected by the weather enough to ruin your site seeing. The same holds true for the ocean conditions. The waves can vary greatly from depending on where on the island you are. Fortunately, all this information is readily available and a big part of life on the islands. So some planning will save you any disappointment.
Big Island Sights
Kilauea - The Volcano
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Polulu Valley Lookout
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City of Refuge
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Waipio Valley
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Onomea Bay Scenic Drive
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