Polulu Valley Scenic Lookout


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The drive to Polulu Valley Lookout is interesting as well as beautiful and takes you through the quaint towns of Hawi and Kapa’au. You can take the coastal route one way to and the mountain route the other out, so as to see more of the island. Polulu Valley is at the beginning of a series of deep majestic valleys that extend from the north, eastward to Waipio Valley, and continue on down the Hamakua coast. From here to Waipio Valley they are unaccessible by any means other than hiking. So for the truly adventurous, this is your chance to walk the trails as the ancient Hawaiians must have. And remember, they had no shoes. This lookout is spectacular, and the hike down to the beach is easily doable for most people – except you will know what kind of shape you are in during the ascent back up to your car. But if the weather cooperates, and you don’t mind some exercise, it is well worth it. The chances to easliy experience nature as raw and beautiful as this are not many in this day and age. The swimming here is usually treacherous and should always be considered so. The currents at the north and south ends of the Big Island can be vigorous, even when the appearance would indicate otherwise. The legends surrounding Polulu, Kohala, and King Kamehameha the Great are many. The massive Pu’ukohola Heiau is said to have been made from stones from this beach passed one by one along a human chain 30 miles long. And you will see a massive stone that is said to have confirmed King Kamehameha’s right to be King when he was able to carry it to its present spot. The story of the Great King’s birth and how he was hidden from possible enemies in one of these isolated valleys until he was older is told in this nice article – The Kohala Coast – Tied to the Past.

Polulu Valley Lookout
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