Molokini Dive and Snorkel
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Great Family Snorkel Trip

Great Family Snorkel Trip

A boat trip to the off-shore islet of Molokini for a snorkel or scuba dive is an adventure you don’t want to miss. Molokini is the partially submerged top of an ancient crater forming a perfect crescent of land above the water, with the remaining portion just below. Getting out on the usually calm water for voyage just long enough to get away from it all, is a treat. And once there you are moored in a sheltered area where even the novice snorkeler will experience an underwater vista always remembered.


The “Back Wall” Scuba Dive

For the scuba diver, the outer wall of the submerged part of the crater provides a view dropping off into the depths. And it is unknown what you may end up encountering, as mantas, whales, dophins, and larger game fish could happen by. It is open ocean outside the crater’s rim. During whale season (late Dec. – early May), you will probably see a whale or two during the trip – or maybe more. And it would not be uncommon to come across dolphin who will check you out and “play” with the boat as it speeds along. Several boats with different packages are available – both sail and power. And of course the ocean and weather conditions are important to consider with the benign summer months usually the calmest – but certainly other times of the years can be just as perfect. Since the wind out of the valley on Maui can pick up during the day, almost all trips happen during the morning hours. Since this is the sunniest time of day, and snorkeling is best when sunny, so is the potential for what could become the worst sunburn or your life. So all forms of sun protection should be a priority. The reflection off the water can be brutal.

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