Kaihalulu Bay – Red Sands Beach

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The Red Sands Beach at Kaihalulu Bay in Hana is a small slice of local paradise. We have rated it a “7” only because it is not your typical expansive easily accessible white sand beach – and because it is only for the capable and adventurous. But if different and daring is for you, then this is right up your alley. It is not the local secret it once was, but is still an out of the way pleasant place to see and experience. However, be forewarned that the way in and out can be perilous, and there has been an over abundance of serious injuries from falls off the trail and slipping on the mossy rocks getting in and out. So it is only an adventure for those in decent shape, and willing to use good common sense. Do not expect a speedy (or cheap) rescue here. There is a sort of natural lava rock breakwater that protects this tiny cove from the often times rough ocean. This usually affords a great place to get wet. But anywhere else can be treacherous with the waves and currents. Please remember this is Hana – about as laid back community as there is in Hawaii. So treat the experience and those you run into with respect and aloha. It is said the trail is officially on private property, but this is difficult to verify or keep up with. But if proceed with courtesy, you do you will find a quaint unique little cove and a spot you will never forget. How to get to Red Sand Beach: To get to this beach can be tricky; use the Google Map below, with the following notes: 1. Park on the side of the road just outside of the Travasa Hotel parking lot. You will walk across the Hana Community Center field looking for a trail on your right hand side. Recently the trail has been well-cleared (by far the most I’ve seen in well over a decade) and is now very easy to find. (The jungle grows quickly, so this could change!) 2. If you end up at the Japanese Cemetery, you need to back-track to one of the paths that go downhill. (I would definitely not take the suggestion of other guidebooks and use that trail right next to the cemetery any longer.) 3. The original ridge trail has been partially erased by a landslide, and a new narrow and more dangerous trail has replaced it. There is another trail that takes you down to the shoreline which is safer, walk along the shoreline and then climb back up to the trail beyond the narrow/slide section. 4. The trail is made of loose cinders and covered with ironwood pine needles. It is slippery, and there are several points where a slip could result in catastrophe. That said, the trail is short, so opportunities to tempt fate are short in duration; fairly experienced hikers may find these risky points somewhat trivial. Inexperienced/unlucky could be severely injured or worse. Key Info: Location: Park at the end of Uakea Rd. which runs on the ocean side of Hotel Hana Maui, parallel to Hana Hwy. GPS Coordinates: 20.752803,-155.981736
Kahailulu (Red Sands Beach)
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